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Skye Faery Castle

Skye Faery Castle is a beautifully crafted faery building.

The castle is a spacious build which makes extensive use of organic shapes and Art Nouveau references. I have made many new sculpted shapes to achieve the flowing lines of this castle. Perfect for RP or simply a fanstastic second lifestyle



  • Original design, detailed texturing and creative prim use. Among the very best prefab castles in SL.
  • Huge hidden dungeon. One flick of a switch and a secret door reveals the entrance.
  • Loads of unique sculptie prims. Saves loads of prims while adding extra detail.
  • Centrally controlled lighting with full glow effects.
  • Full keyserver access – full access control.
  • Locking doors
  • Full tinting windows
  • The castle is all packaged up in a rez box for easy installation on your own land
  • All future upgrades are free to castle owners

Permissions: Mod, Copy, No Transfer
994 carefully chosen prims
50 × 54m approx footprint

“Maybe the best castle I have seen in SL. Really high detailed texture and build. A wonderfull work.”

Ryou Yiyuan

“Amazing detail, worth every prim. Lots of rooms and floors with secrets to explore! Alex doesn’t disappoint with this beautiful castle. Can’t wait to see what he dreams up next!”

Lehlah Karu

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