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Skye Faery Watchtower "Regulus"

Rugulus, named after the brightest star in the constellation Leo, is the Southern cardinal of the four Faery Watchtowers. It represents the Great Southern Quadrangle of Fire.
This building is designed to either provide a novel living space for smaller plots or to compliment a grander castle scheme.
This build uses quality sculpties to give a solid and detailed feel and will add a touch of class to your Second Life :)

Perfect for RP or simply a fanstastic second lifestyle



  • Original design, detailed texturing and creative prim use. Among the very best prefab buildings in SL.
  • Latest high resolution sculptie prims. Saves loads of prims while adding extra detail.
  • Rooms over three levels.
  • Centrally controlled flame torch lighting with full glow effects when lit.
  • Full keyserver access – full access control.
  • The watchtower is all packaged up in a rez box for easy installation on your own land

Please IM Alex Bader if you have any questions at all.
Permissions: Mod, Copy, No Transfer
210 carefully chosen prims
20 × 20m footprint

“Simply outstanding craftsmanship – by far the best I have seen in SL. The textures are top rate, the sculpted prims show a rare level of control, masterfully built and highly detailed. I really love this tower!”

Imagin Illyar

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