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Skye Gothic Castle

Skye Gothic Castle is a beautifully crafted gothic building designed and built by Alex Bader.

The castle is an imposing affair, dark and moody gothic architecture with cathedralesque overtones and a hint of graphic novel. Perfect for RP or simply a fanstastic second lifestyle



  • Original design, detailed texturing and creative prim use. Among the very best prefab castles in SL
  • Huge hidden dungeon. One flick of a switch and false walls whizz into place revealing the entrance to a 50 × 50m hidden space.
  • Haloed windows. Three stage switch – transparent, light opaque and full dark. Light rays flood in first two stages.
  • Latest high resolution sculptie prims. Saves loads of prims while adding extra detail.
  • Catwalk balcony with ‘suicide pulpit’
  • Centrally controlled flame torch lighting with full glow effects and light pools when lit.
  • Full keyserver access – full access control. Also good for renting.
  • Double throw, gate/stone doors with animated switches.
  • The castle is all packaged up in a rez box for easy installation on your own land
  • All future upgrades are free to castle owners

Permissions: Mod, Copy, No Transfer
849 carefully chosen prims
52 × 52m footprint

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