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Skye Basilisk Castle Keep

In European bestiaries and legends, a basilisk (English pronunciation: /ˈbæzɪlɪsk/, from the Greek βασιλίσκος basilískos, “little king”; Latin Regulus) is a legendary reptile reputed to be king of serpents and said to have the power to cause death with a single glance…
Presenting: Skye Castle Basilisk Keep – a place of mythical, medieval serpentine glory.



  • Original design, detailed texturing and creative prim use. Among the very best prefab castles in SL.
  • Huge hidden dungeon. One flick of a switch and a secret door reveals the entrance.
  • Loads of unique sculptie prims. Saves loads of prims while adding extra detail.
  • Centrally controlled torch lighting with full glow effects.
  • Full keyserver access – full access control.
  • Locking doors
  • Ful tinting windows
  • The castle is all packaged up in a rez box for easy installation on your own land
  • All future upgrades are free to castle owners

726 carefully chosen prims; 36 × 36m footprint; copy mod

“Outstanding build. It’s a delight to get away from the dark and dreary gray-to-near-black of most castles I’ve seen in SL. The snake motif throughout could only have been enhanced, perhaps with a few heads, though the overall feel is wonderful. The space is used well, and you’ll find no shortage of nooks and crannies to investigate or decorate. The high ceilings allow you free reign with your cameras, as well. I will definitely enjoy having this for a home/workshop.”

Sylva Petrov

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