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Skye Veralarti

Skye Veralarti ••∞∞ {}{}—{}•§∞ {Very Alien Artifact}
Definition: Habitat … Fortress … {Space Castle[!]}

Technical Specification:
Manufactured: Unknown … Best Guess >10,000 ancient … Standard Years
Manufacturing Species: Unknown … Best guess: pre-cambrian humanoid •••[extinct]


Construction: Superdense spiraweb calcium carbonate encrusted chitin exo-rib-shell structure. Non-sentient live organic. Internal etched alpha shell.
Minor growthmods for earth origin species.
Fully modifiable … owner species.
Dimensions {68m x 63m l x w standard}
Primitives {…454…}

Power: grid-interface phospho-algae [apparently infinite] {edible} and kinetic rotor driving low interference {think noise} anti grav.

Atmosphere: modified to support non-aquatic Earth origin species {further mods required for aquatic species}

Access: upper and lower sky ports
Primary pendulated space port {massive}
Secondary space port {massive}
Centrally controlled for present owner and owner species group

Accommodation: Minor mods for earth origin species
Main Equatorial ring deck {porthole device}
Upper ringdeck {porthole device}
Sub chamber … ring deck with mezzanine ring
Lower star chamber
Mid web viewing chamber
Mid upper chamber
Sky chamber

Control & Comms
Standard methods. Aural enhancements.
Apparent geo-holo-vector-map {location unknown} Audio spacial interaction enabled.
Star refractor device {retractable}

Spacial transitions: transit tube verticle { semi-external}
Spiral transit tube {external}
Teleportation device installed

De/offence. Current civilian … fortress use habitat, easily modded for military deployment.

New Texture Sets
Rugged & Grassy T...
Cottage Door Text...
Geo Relief Wall T...