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Walled Garden Set

This set contains all the textures you need to create a walled garden.

Seamless 512 × 512px and 512 × 1024px.

L$1450 (full perms)

In the pack you will find 78 walled garden textures:

These concentrate mainly on structural element (rather than plants). My aim is to give you a texture set which give you lots of options over the more intricate variations required when building a quality product.

  • Walls- these are based on a main stone design. You will find variations on texture and shadow – plain stone and with two trellis designs applied to each stone variation
  • Wall caps.
  • Paths and grass and some variations of the stone designed to work as ground stone.
  • Gates
  • Edging (these double up nicely as wall top metalwork) + rusty iron
  • Some ivy in different shades
  • Oh, and a light dapple texture – turn transparency up high and use glow. (see show model for suggested usage)

Also, I have included a bonus sculpted arch prim which fits the gate textures.

There are 5 contact sheets to help you select

“These textures are awesome… Rarely am I able to complete a build and never have to leave the same folder of textures! Alex Bader has done a great job with these and other textures… don’t get me started on the floor tiles!!! I tile too many rooms at home just to use them LOL!”
h4. Peter McLeod

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