Interactive Scenes

A range of Interactive Scene for Second LIfe create focal points where you can stop and enjoy a selection of avatar animations and environmental sounds.

Detailed Design

Studio Skye Interactive Scenes are carefully designed environments for you to enjoy. The scenes are built and textured using accurate and powerful modelling software and imported inworld to offer you some of the best 3D game modelling in Second Life.

100% Mesh

Mesh is one of the most significant recent developments in Second Life. It allows designers to build very detailed models. The benefit to you is a high level of design and detail.
This process also results in ultra efficient rendering – using low prim equivalents.


Studio Skye Interactive Scenes are loaded with avatar animations – for both singles and couples. So there is no excuse not to share the enjoyment. Appropriate environmental sounds are also built in.


Studio Skye offers you a range of mesh scenes which are designed to work independently or together on your virtual land. Collect the set and enjoy them all the more!