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Second Life shopping FAQs

Where can I buy Studio Skye products for Second Life?

Please visit the Studio Skye store on Second Life Marketplace to make purchases. Click this link.

Can I see a product inworld before I buy?

Yes! At the bottom of each product page on SL Marketplace there is a link - See Item in Second Life - which will take you to the correct location.

Can I buy Skye products inworld?

Marketplace is better! In order to minimise vendor clutter on my sims I focus on SL Marketplace for product sales. You get an easily searchable website and you can always view inworld using the "See Item in Second Life" link on the product page.

I saw a Skye product inworld - which set is it from?

I try to name products logically in all cases so you can pick up the pack name from the object name.

For example: The object "Skye Rocky Platforms 11 Flatback Tall" comes from the "Skye Rocky Platforms" set. You can use the "Search this store" tab on Second Life Marketplace to find products. If in doubt, contact Alex Bader inworld.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! You can use the inworld Gift Card system (not for use on SL Marketplace) by visiting this inworld location:

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