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Skye Product Redelivery 

You can easily redeliver your Skye products in SL, to replace lost inventory or to update to latest version

Replace lost inventory

Sometimes our SL inventory throws a little tantrum and we lose our valuable stuff. But there is a solution - Marketplace Redelivery. All Skye products are set up to allow redelivery.

Update Skye products to latest version

Studio Skye updates and upgrades SL products from time to time. Updates are sent out automatically to customers but for various reasons, updates can be lost. You can use Marketplace Redelivery to get the latest version. A list of currently updated and upgraded products can be found below.



Marketplace Redelivery covers both scenarios above. Here's how it works:


Skye Products which have been upgraded:

Skye Waterfall Building Set V3

Skye Enchanted Woods V4

Skye Temple Ruins Building Set V2

Skye Standing Stones Building Set V2

Skye Beach Rocks Building Set V2

Skye EPIC Rock Collection v1.2

Skye Rustic Road Building Set V2

Skye Sandy Beach Building Set V2 (formerly "Skye Beach Building Set")



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