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Skye Gothic Castle 2020

Free 2020 castle for Skye Gothic Castle 2008 Owners

Yes! You read right! 

Skye Gothic Castle 2020 is a completely new 100% Mesh reimagining of my original prim based Gothic castle dating back to 2008. 


To say thanks to customers who supported Studio Skye in those early days, I'm offering the new castle to you at no cost - totally free. It's a way of celebrating my 12+ years in SL and giving you something back for your customer loyalty.




How do I get my free castle?

OK, we are mostly going back to before Caspervend and Marketplace so automatic redelivery is not possible. To prove ownership please send me an instant message inworld with a screenshot (or Gyazo link) of the castle box or piece in your inventory or inworld alongside a properties window (see below). I'll drop off the new castle inworld.



Annotation 2020-04-24 145219.jpg

I used to have one but it's not in my inventory. Can you just send the new one anyway?

I'm very happy to send out free castles to 2008 owners  - but I kinda need to see the purchase proof so I know for sure.

Hey Alex, I think I might have bought the castle but I can't remember! Can you check?

Nope! Sorry, as I mentioned there's not much in the way of sales records to check. Have a dig, send over the proof, and I'll drop something off.

I bought mine on Marketplace more recently. Do I need to do all that screen shotty stuffs?

Nope! I'll have a record of your Marketplace purchase and will organise delivery of the new castle. If you didn't get it yet, please let me know and I'll look you up.


I own Skye Gothic Keep - does that count?

Nope! If the new castle proves popular, I'll be very tempted to make a new Keep - in which case you will be first in the queue for a free gift :)


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